Marybeth Keigher, Boulder, CO: Alternative Women's Health Treatments, Acupuncture, Sound Therapy


"As I've entered my 60’s, I've experienced poor digestion with colitis and gastritis, as well as lower back pain, and insomnia. The holistic approach Marybeth has offered me through Acupuncture and Acutonics sound therapy treatments have brought me real relief and renewed vitality as I've made this transition. I'm back to dancing!  Working with Marybeth is a boost to the spirit and a quality of life gift to oneself."   

I started seeing Marybeth for acupuncture 14 years ago when I was having trouble with seasonal allergies and was tired of taking over the counter antihistamines. With focused treatments, within a year I was completely symptom free, and haven’t taken any medications for that now, for years. I also had neck pain from a car accident, and acupuncture helped clear it up much more quickly than the physical therapy I had already tried.”

Marybeth has treated me with traditional five-element acupuncture, acutonics (treatment stimulating meridians with sound waves, using forks and gongs), plant spirit medicine and intuitive vocal work. I really appreciate working with someone who has been trained professionally in several different modalities. Marybeth tailors each treatment to my health needs at the time. I trust her judgement implicitly. My health has steadily improved over the years.”

“I have practiced a Chinese martial art for over twenty years, and I’ve really enjoyed benefiting from a medical model that complements what I’m doing on my own to increase my health and balance. “
“Marybeth Keigher treats me in a holistic way, addressing my whole mind-body system. I leave my monthly treatments feeling better physically, and emotionally, too. Marybeth approaches her work with true care, good humor, and sensitivity. Her office environment is very soothing. She is truly a healing partner. Through working with her I’ve learned a lot about how I can fully participate in my own health care.”

" I feel more connected and alive after Marybeth uses Acutonics in my treatment. My whole spine buzzes and seems to sing. It brings back the best of memories of feeling the music during the drums section of a Grateful Dead show.”

“I have been Marybeth’s patient for almost a decade and the shifts in my health, meditation practice, and general wellbeing have been enormous. I appreciate having the benefits of acupuncture without needles (sometimes), and the relaxation and expansiveness I experience when she gives me sound treatment is profound. Over the years I have struggled with pain from a severely damaged Testimonials for Marybeth Keigher, Boulder, COshoulder, digestive complaints, insomnia, and addiction to cigarettes. I have been amazed at how effective her treatments have been, and I am grateful for her wisdom, respect, and expertise.”
- CA

"I have been a patient of Marybeth Keigher’s for over 10 years and have found her services beneficial on many levels. She has supported me through several challenging stages of my health as a woman including infertility, miscarriage, and perimenopause. Marybeth is holistic in her approach as well as being gentle and kind. My monthly visits to Marybeth are at the center of my preventative care program for myself. They are also central to my well being and my overall mental and physical health. I can highly recommend her services."

"Working with Marybeth during the shifts and changes of perimenopause was tremendously helpful. Acupuncture and Acutonics brought my body systems back to balance. Marybeth’s advice on diet, health, aging, and women’s issues has been so valuable. I highly recommend her professional, intuitive, and deeply compassionate style."
- AP