Marybeth Keigher, Boulder, CO: Alternative Women's Health Treatments, Acupuncture, Sound Therapy

Pain & Discomfort are a Call for Help.
All Women Have Great Potential for Wellbeing.

Marybeth Keigher, Acupuncturist, Sound Therapy, Women's Health, Boulder, COI treat people holistically to re-establish natural health inherent to our body, mind, and spirit. This results in people having a sense of well-being, a cheerful attitude, and an ability to move forward to fulfill their dreams and purposes with joy and vitality.

I believe people experience a sense of well-being when they feel healthy and vital. During our lives we experience losses, accidents, intense medical procedures, traumas and stress. As a result, our bodies adopt survival patterns that may obstruct our inherent vital energy movement (chi). This can manifest as physical pain, emotional upheavals, and mental and spiritual unrest.

Our discomforts are a call for help. I use Acupuncture and other energy moving techniques to restore health by focusing on treating the cause of symptoms, as well as the symptoms themselves. I develop personalized treatment plans in collaboration with my patients.

Acupuncture can restore and maintain health, control pain, calm the mind and strengthen the body because it creates movement where it is needed. It is painless when Acutonics tuning forks or Plant Spirit Medicine are used to move chi energy. If you are experiencing pain or are continually susceptible to infections, your chi is out of balance.

I practice Worsley based 5-Element Chinese Acupuncture and Dr. Tan Balance Method Acupuncture. I use Sound Therapy techniques and Plant Spirit Medicine to provide a painless, relaxing, chi-moving alternative to acupuncture needles. I have been a practicing and teaching meditation since 1975.

1994 NCCA Accredited Masters Degree in Worsley 5-Element Chinese Acupuncture
1994 Plant Spirit Medicine certification with Eliot Cowan
1998 Dr. Tan Balance Method Acupuncture
1985 Masters Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa Institute
2000 Acutonics Sound Healing System
Nine years experience as a therapist working with people suffering severe mental imbalances, and addictions for Boulder Mental Health Center and Hospital-based drug and alcohol recovery programs.