Marybeth Keigher, Boulder, CO: Alternative Women's Health Treatments, Acupuncture, Sound Therapy

Marybeth Keigher: Acupuncturist, Sound Therapy, Acutonics, Chinese Herbs for Women's Health IssuesPicture yourself vibrantly healthy, deeply relaxed
      a woman moving forward with vitality and spirit
            whatever your age

Since 1993, Marybeth Keigher, M.AC., NCCA Boulder, Colorado, has been guiding women who long to rediscover, re-balance and strengthen their natural vitality. Marybeth specializes in treating the cause of pain, working holistically on all levels, treating body and emotions, mind and spirit, to enhance women's wellness.

Through skillful application of Chinese Five Element Acupuncture, Acutonics, and Balance Method Acupuncture, she brings increased vitality, renewed spirit, balance, and pain relief to all the transitions in a woman's life. Her work is supported by sound vibration therapy using Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and her own intuitive vocalizations.

Marybeth has had success treating women experiencing:

Gynecological Imbalances:
Auto-Immune Problems, Bladder Infections, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Herpes Simplex, Infertility, Peri- & Menopausal Symptoms, Menstrual Pain & Irregularities, Morning Sickness, Ovarian Cysts, PMS & Cramps, Vaginal Discharge and Infections, Urinary Incontinence, Uterine Prolapse

Muscular & Skeletal Pain:
Arthritis, Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Muscle, Joint & Nerve Pain, Sciatica, TMJ

Respiratory Symptoms:
Allergies, Sinusitis & Asthma, Colds & Bronchitis

Digestive Symptoms:
Colitis, Constipation & Diarrhea, Gastritis & Indigestion, Irritable Bowel (IBS), Ulcers

Neurological Symptoms:
Dizziness, Headaches & Migraines, Hypertension, Nerve Pain & Facial Tics

Emotional Symptoms:
Anxiety & Stress, Bi-Polar, Depression, Insomnia

Alcohol, food, drugs